Port of Amsterdam

Underwater hull cleaning & propeller polishing

Underwater hull cleaning

Port of Amsterdam

Cleaning a hull is essential for the efficiency of your fleet. In the port of Amsterdam we can take care of underwater hull cleaning without any problems.

We do this with modern (robot) equipment. After cleaning your hull, the ship moves a lot more efficiently, less fuel is needed, so you save a lot on costs. An underwater hull cleaning in the port of Amsterdam you'll earn back very quickly. Calculate it yourself!

We comply with European guidelines

At SRN Group we comply with the strictest European standards and guidelines. We can therefore easily clean your hull in an ecological way in the port of Amsterdam. We tackle marine growth thoroughly and the result is often no less than stunning. The performance of your ships rises sharply and the costs drop drastically.

State of the art Underwater Hull Cleaning

With our computer-controlled robots we can clean the hull in a thorough and EcoFriendly way. At the same time, our robot ensures the purification of the waste, which is mandatory according to European standards. So you can sleep on both your ears, our way of cleaning in the port of Amsterdam complies with all legal standards and regulations. On a simple request, we can present you with the necessary certificates. Our way of filtering meets the strictest rules.

Many leading companies count on us

Many leading shipping companies in the port of Amsterdam already rely on our services and this to their satisfaction. We therefore have modern equipment and ROV operators with the needed experience in underwater hull cleaning.

They do not only call on us in the port of Amsterdam , but worldwide. After all, our equipment can be used in all ports in the world.

Propeller polishing in the port of Amsterdam

But we do not only play a prominent role in underwater hull cleaning, we are also a global player in the field of propeller polishing. The ship's propeller can be cleaned quickly in the port of Amsterdam can also be cleaned in an ecologically responsible manner. The necessary filters ensure an EcoFriendly way of cleaning.

Want to know more about our services in the port of Amsterdam?

Would you like to know more about which services we offer in the port of Amsterdam ? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to tell you more about it. Follow in the footsteps of many other references and opt for the experience, knowledge and equipment of SRN Group.
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