Need underwater work to be carried out by a team of experienced divers who are used to working off ships? Call SRN Group!

Our team of divers is second to none and has already been able to realize hundreds of projects. The underwater world, propellers and hulls hold no secrets for our divers. They work quickly, efficiently and safely.

Why do you need divers?

There are many reasons why you need an experienced team of divers. Our divers are used, among other things, to conduct inspections or take measurements. But just as well they look at corrosion, film the conditions underwater, carry out UWILD inspections or ICCP exchange. In short, our experienced divers are multifunctionaland can work for you worldwide.

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Why choose SRN Group?

Because we have a very experienced team of divers available with a variety of technical knowledge. We have a lot of experience and count a lot of reputed names in our customer base.

Safety is always central to us, just like sustainability and professionalism. We not only have capable divers, but also state of the art robots that can clean hulls automatically. Both solutions can often be combined.

At SRN Group we have many certificates and attestations. Our robots clean EcoFriendly with an integrated filtering system. In this way, the marine growth is immediately drained and filtered. A clean way of working and ecologically responsible.

Want to know more about our diving activities?

Want to know more about diving activities? Need advice from specialists? Contact us today and we will look into the possibilities.

Worldwide we can help you carrying out optimal diving operations.

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