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We also offer you:

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Underwater hull cleaning & propeller polishing

Why you choose for underwater hull cleaning?

Well, very simple, because it makes you a lot of money. But not only that! You deal with the environment in a more sustainable way. We list the advantages for you:

Benefit 1 - save significantly on your fuel costs

Fuel costs make up about 50% of a ship's total operating costs. Calculate what a saving of 50% means to your company.

Ships often lie still, so that (bio fouling) dirt can settle on the hull. This dirt means extra resistance and more consumption. This cost will certainly weigh up on long distances. By regularly having the hull cleaned and choosing underwater hull cleaning you limit the resistance and therefore the costs. With less fuel, bridge more distance.

Advantage 2 - treat the environment responsibly

The more fuel is needed, the worse for the environment. The pollution on the hull therefore indirectly results in more CO2, NOx and SOx. By having your hull cleaned regularly, you will work more ecologically conscious.

We also inform you that at SRN Group we have an eco-friendly recognition for underwater hull cleaning and propeller polishing in European waters. This recognition has been hand out in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


Every day and at every location we are committed to an incident-free workplace. We minimize the environmental impact of our activities with the following core value:

  • Safety;
  • Integrity;
  • Innovation;
  • Performance;
  • Cooperation.

Why you choose for SRN Group?

As a European company with headquarters in Belgium, we operate worldwide. Thereby the focus is on Europe and West Africa. (Our foreign trajectory started in West Africa) There we are the only company that makes underwater hull cleaning with the robot possible. Our roots are in West Africa and in 2017 we made the move to the rest of the world.

In recent years we have grown into a reputed company, which is active worldwide and has an extensive fleet of professional equipment. We can look back at many cleaned vessels that have experienced the benefits of SRN hull cleaning.

We therefore invest heavily in safety, people, research and new technology. With our own CROV as the best proof. A robot cleaner for hulls developed by us.

Which services do we offer?

SRN Group offers multiple services. We work with remote-controlled robots, but also with divers. So we go a lot further than the diving companies that are active in our sector. At SRN Group we offer the following services:

Underwater hull cleaning

At SRN Group we are specialized in underwater hull cleaning. Completely automated. For this we have a fleet of unmanned robots that do this task to perfection While the CROV navigator is cleaning underwater, everything can be followed from the side and the cleaning process can be monitored. Different brushes and / or high pressure water jets can be mounted depending on the needs. In Europe we ensure an immediate filtering of the loosened dirt. This according to a certified filter system.

Propeller polishing

Cleaning of propellers by our dive teams are also part of our service package. The cleaning of propellers ensures efficient ships with less consumption.


At SRN Group we have a wide pool of professional divers. From underwater inspections to repairing leaks, measuring and checking for corrosion: our divers can do it. From underwater inspections to repairing leaks, measuring and checking for corrosion: our divers can do it.

They are versatile and we have the best professional equipment to get the job done.

Where are we active?


We work in many ports in Europe. We provide our services in the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, IJmuiden, Terneuzen, Flushing and Portland. We comply with European legislation and ensure the filtered cleaning of hulls.


Here we can be found in the ports of Freetown, Abidjan, Takoradi, Tema and Lome. We are at home in West Africa. Africa is an important strategic hub for our customers and our service is also very much appreciated there. We are the only company in the region active with underwater robots to clean hulls.


We also work in many ports in America. For example, we provide our services in ports such as Houston, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Freeport. Here, we’re too the only ones in the region that are active with underwater robots to clean hulls.

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