Propeller Polishing


Propeller Polishing


Have your ship’s propellers professionally cleaned and polished? Our experts and equipment are ready for you. Propeller polishing has no secrets for SRN Group. We clean the propellers of many leading shipping companies all over the world.

What are the advantages of propeller polishing?

Having the ship’s propellers cleaned and polished will give you more efficiency and less costs. By removing calcium and growth, your screw will experience less resistance, reducing fuel consumption. Not only do you save a lot of fuel, the ship also moves faster. Win win! In addition, your propeller experiences less vibrations, so it continues to function optimally for longer.

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Why choose SRN Group?

At SRN Group we have a wide pool of professional divers. From underwater inspections to repairing leaks, measuring and checking for corrosion: our divers can do it.

They are versatile and we have the best professional equipment to get the job done.

Want to know more about this service?

Would you like additional information about our divers and diving activities? Do you want to know which ports we operate in or receive a customized proposal?

Call on our expertise and request additional information. Our divers are ready to help you.

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