Underwater hull


Underwater hull cleaning


Underwater hull cleaning is specialist work. Well, we are those specialists. Worldwide, we have already carried out this underwater work for the largest shipping companies. We are responsible for professional underwater hull cleaning according to the rules of the art. For this we rely on professional equipment, cleaning robots and a team of skilled divers with many years of experience.

What are the benefits of underwater hull cleaning?

Simple, it saves you money. Cleaned hulls experience less resistance, so they use less fuel. This saves you hundreds of thousands of euros per year in fuel costs. You bet that underwater hull cleaning is more than worth the investment.

Why choose SRN Group?

We have a lot of experience and count a lot of reputed names in our customer base. Safety is always at our heart, as is sustainability and professionalism. We not only have capable ROV operators and divers, but also state of the art robots that can automatically clean hulls. These high-performance machines work quickly, efficiently and can be monitored remotely.

At SRN Group we have many certificates and attestations. Our robots clean EcoFriendly with an integrated filtering system. In this way, the marine growth is immediately drained and filtered. A clean way of working and ecologically responsible. In addition, different types of brushes can be mounted, always with optimal results.

Want to know more about this service?

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